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The Leisure Pool

All about the Leisure Pool at Leisure World Colchester

The Leisure Pool


The Leisure Pool at Leisure World Colchester is a family favourite all year round! The pool's 13 metre iconic flumes are one of Colchester's most well known landmarks and provide hours of water-based fun for all of the family.

The Leisure Pool benefits from the Castaway Spa Pool, bubbles and jets in Palm Tree Springs, Crazy River with its fun slides and waves, and the Shipwreck Water Cannons. There is also the Seahorse Squirter, Tipping Buckets and a Water Curtain. Fun for all the family can be had in the Leisure Pool - so make sure your next family outing is one full of water!

There is no need to book in advance but please check the timetable to find out when the Leisure Pool is open for public swimming.

During busy periods in the Leisure Pool a band system often operates. Every customer will be guaranteed 1hr 10mins if the band system is in operation.